Weight management

Is your weight troubling you?

Do you feel you have tried various ‘diets’ that either failed or helped you lose weight temporarily and as soon as you stopped following them you regained weight, with your body returning to its previous state?

Do you feel that you are doomed to feel hungry, deprived and have negative feelings surrounding your thoughts whenever they come to food consumption?

You come across various contradictory information, which you are trying to comprehend, but you end up feeling lost?

A personalized diet and nutritional plan, created based on your everyday needs and body demands, is what will give you all those irreplaceable nutrients necessary to get you through your daily routine. A plan that suits your body’s physiology, while in parallel will help you adjust and lose weight and most importantly maintain this in time.

Together we will talk through all challenges you are facing or concerns that you have.

By closely co-operating, offering you guidance, support, and encouragement you will learn how to feed and nourish yourselves well, and as such improve your health and wellbeing. Equally you will get educated in relation to food consumption, therefore achieving nutritional freedom through your nutritional choices and habits.

My goal is always to help you improve your wellbeing and achieve good health. If you want to start your own nutritional journey, feel free to reach out to me.


Let me know how I can help you.

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    angeliki tarsani